We are a creative agency,
specializing in digital communication
with a learning perspective.
- Knowledge under construction!

Who We Are

Fuente means source in Spanish...

as in source of creativity, source code, and the source of fresh water running to its predetermined destination.

We are a creative agency, specializing in digital communication. We add business values to our customers by choosing, producing and implementing the right solutions. We are a true Interacive Lab working together with universities, artists, specialists to explore new possibilities in digital communications. We believe that knowledge is something that needs to be nurtured.

What We Do


Specifying vision and goals in order to maximize benefits of digital initiatives.


Graphic design, interaction design and system design.


Standard products and custom built applications.


Our people is our greatest resource. We gather creative people who are specialists within their field of work to arrive at innovative solutions. To do this there is a lot of options: we can work inside your organization, together with you as a team, or we can bring in the specialists needed and build a team within our crew.

Martín Prieto Digital strategist

Project management
Over 15 years experience at leading digital production teams
Technical guidelines consultant for major digital concepts
Strategic consultant
Advisor during development of digital strategies
Martín is one of the founders of Fuente Interactive Lab

– In his spare time he enjoys golf and lego

Aron Hallborg Creative director

Design and development/Learning design
Lecturer in interaction design
Vast experience in digital training and user interface design
Expert in digital instructional strategies and learning models

– Animator par excellence. Spends a lot of time studying physics and formulating utopias.

Pia Skoglund Art director

Design and development/Learning design
Lecturer in graphic design
6 years experience of teaching and developing e-learning courses at University level
15 years experience as award winning graphic designer

– Likes disaster movies and folding paper

Niklas Ollikainen Senior developer

Design and development/Learning design
Niklas is our senior developer
He sees his work as art
He expands our reality by creating amazing platforms that we can work from
He makes our visions reality

– Has an exceptionally large collection of guitars

Alfredo Pernin Quality Assurance

Design and Development/Learning design
Makes sure our products are fully functional
And then tests them some more until they grow hair
He is a former geologist and palaeontologist
With over twenty years of experience as a producer in contemporary arts

- Enjoys cooking, artisanal beer and post-apocalyptic stories. Talks to his computer. QED

Selected work

Defending against cyber threats begins at the user end

Our economy is ever more dependent on digital services, and cyber attacks are on the rise. Nimblr is a service and web application for training staff and raising their IT-security awareness.

Unique tool for
exclusive apartments

Bolaget.se gives exclusive apartments the setting they deserve. By creating a unique tool for estate agents we facilitated the daily workload and opened possibilities for our client to stand out on the market.

with passion for web based education solutions.

eTruck is a web application for training counterbalance and reach truck drivers.
In use in Sweden, France and the UK, it has won awards for excellence and innovation.
Continuing with this series, in late 2021 we released eLift, its sister application for training lift operators.

Enhancing your museum experience with digital information

Touchscreens are a versatile solution for all kinds of signage in museums. In cooperation with Malmö Museer, we developed a web-based solution for touchscreen signage delivery to their exhibitions, including an interactive didactic game of questions and answers.

Join our expanding community

We like to think that a career here is pleasurable and creative. And remember: we do not only hire people, we develop them into fully matured designers and developers.

Since Fuente is an expanding bureau, we are always on the lookout for new, raw talents. What we search for is adaptable and creative designers/developers. There is no need for a formal education, but we do consider it an advantage.

We are a creative agency. You will be working on different projects of different sizes and complexity. We enjoy the blending of technique with creativity and art. Since we're a team we expect you to contribute to the creativity and the atmosphere.

If you are interested in joining our team please mail us at join@fuente.se. Make sure the mail includes your full CV with the necessary work samples, and tell us what your skills are and how you think you can contribute.